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Fully customizable, our packages are tailored to your budget and your level. Whether a beginner or experienced, you can enjoy your passion to the full whenever you want!

A BENETEAU Boat Club package is:


A Boat Club Base

The BENETEAU Boat Club bases are ideally located in harbours on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, where you will enjoy preferential treatment.

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Just one initial charge

To become a member of the BENETEAU Boat Club, you just need to choose a membership type and pay an initial charge.

  • Membership


    The only thing that matters to you is freedom. Sail unlimited whenever you want throughout the season.

    Initial charge

    1 500 € / year (during 3 years)
  • Membership


    Busy weekends are not your thing? Choose the tranquillity of a weekly package and enjoy trips to sea for a much lower price, outside of weekends and bank holidays.

    Initial charge

    1 000 € / year (during 3 years)
  • Membership

    Twin account

    Share your Boat Club experience with a family member or friend and enjoy the pleasure of sailing for two whenever you want throughout the season at a reduced price!

    Initial charge

    1 000 € / year per person (during 3 years)


A monthly membership*

A choice of 3 memberships to sail unlimited on a fleet of the latest generation of BENETEAU boats, ranging between 5 and 9 metres.


5- to 6.5-metre boats

249 €/month


5- to 8-metre boats

429 €/month


5- to 9-metre boats

690 €/month

membership boats to choose from*

Sailing yachts

  • Oceanis

  • First


  • Flyer

  • Barracuda

  • Antares

Ready to go boating?

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Need help?

Any questions about how the Boat Club works? Find the answers in our frequently asked questions.

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